Working at ON THE ROCK

There is no limit to what our team can achieve

We are not just an events agency, we are an evolving collective of creative minds who know how to bring people together. We are successful because we apply our skills in multi-disciplinary teams to provide exciting, innovative and sometimes unusual solutions to our clients' needs.

We have a passion for old games consoles and pinball so we created a "Retro Gaming" games lounge. Want to turn a meeting instantly into a dance floor? Looking for an unusual venue for you event? We have furniture that looks amazing, is comfortable and easy to transport such as Flux designer furniture and a stylish Fatboy collection. To take your event to the next level attendees can design their own party and plan a "Do It Yourself Party" as a fresh and exciting team building activity.

Working at ON THE ROCK is special because we always encourage passion and creativity along with the skills needed to organize events. All team members contribute their unique approach to planning your event - sometimes with some unexpected results but always resulting in a successful event.

ON THE ROCK possess all of the technical equipment you would expect; DJ gear, lighting and staging, but we also have some specialist kit such as the FogScreen - exclusive to us in Germany - and gaming equipment that promotes a unique and innovative approach to creativity and productivity.