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Live communication is storytelling and the creation of strong sustainable experiences. When it comes to your brand or employees, you need a partner who understands your strategy. Clearly focused messages have to be sent outwards and inwards, and the implementation must be stringently controlled. The competent view from a distance gives you new perspectives and changes your perspective.

With more than 25 years of experience, ON THE ROCK CEO Winni Petersmann is a proven expert in interaction and people.

OTR Consulting is your sparring partner, develops individual formats and makes your live communication a special experience. Idea, conception, stagings and their implementation. You decide on which way we go together.

What benefits does live communication generate in internal campaigns about values, difficult change processes and other HR topics? How does live communication affect customers or employees? How is live communication used as part of a marketing strategy or as part of a content-driven event? How can the effects of live communication be lengthened and strengthened?

These are the relevant questions. OTR Consulting will find the right answers, together with you.