We do it all

When it comes to communication & conception we deliver it all. Sometimes technology makes all the difference so we have built an exquisite collection of top class technology and a highly qualified staff team to use it.

Every event is a special event with us. Our expertise with technology, whether it's sound equipment, lighting or our video technology, along with our ideas makes On the Rock special.

Need a small selection of our portable furniture? With our range of designer furniture including Flux, the Inflate collection or the Fatboy Avenue, a meeting turns into a dance floor in minutes. Our games lounge consisting of pinball, arcade classics, table soccer in combination with new app-based or virtual reality games mean we can offer a side show that is fast becoming a special team building activity in its own right. The Fogscreen, which we offer exclusively in Germany or the Augmented Climbing Wall, offers a jaw will dropping feature to your event - we guarantee you won't believe your eyes!

With us anything is possible

We make the impossible a reality.

If everyone thought "it's impossible" we'd never see anything new! You need someone who doesn't see the limitations and makes your vision a reality. That´s what we love; we use our skills, experience and top quality resources which serve your goals to 100%. Sometimes we create things never before seen.

Recruiting? We do it by bike and can handle open recruitment for you vacancies or targeted recruitment to find the best candidate for your job.

Team building? We invite you to play "Retro Gaming" in our gaming lounge or organize a DIY Party. With On the Rock events are tailor made to your needs and unforgettable. Curious? Then contact us.

We connect

ON THE ROCK is an expert in connecting people.

We are highly creative and our clients will tell you that we know people. Modest as we are, we have to agree! Dealing with people is our business and is the basis for focused and productive relationships.

The right atmosphere is crucial - ON THE ROCK creates the right conditions in the best way possible. Not only do we create an environment for professional networking but we manage events with a playful passion that our clients love. Where else will you find a games lounge as the real highlight of the event?

25 years of ON THE ROCK

The impressive history of a creative powerhouse.

From a genuine one-man show to a highly motivated team: Winni Petersmann founded ON THE ROCK in 1991. His personal skills set the standard; he is a DJ, a festival organizer and stage designer. After more than 25 years in the business Winni Petersmann is a renowned specialist at bringing people together. Winni is the creative engine that drives ON THE ROCK and has helped it grow into the real powerhouse of events management with a team who have a passion for their work as well as a network of international specialists.

Take, for instance, our technical specialist Mike Striebing: Thanks to his expertise, ON THE ROCK knows that the right sound at the right venue creates the right atmosphere. His technical awareness is a crucial part of every event delivered by us.

Our team

Passionate, motivated and with an appetite for the unusual. Our main team is based at the former Colliery in Waltrop, a heritage site in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. We're not just local; we have associates, specialists and teams throughout Germany and beyond, making On the Rock worldwide!