Sporthilfe Club of the best 2018

The club of the best replaces the champion of the year

The club provider Aldiana and the Deutsche Sporthilfe will go common ways in the future. The cooperation, which was established as a strategic partnership, includes donations and special tourism offers for sponsored athletes as well as the annual meeting of Germany's best athletes, the Sporthilfe club of the best.

Once again, we are hosting the spectacular event week, including a lot of our gadgets, interaction, specials, atmosphere, galas and more from 23.09. until 30.09.2018 in the Aldiana Club Costa del Sol, Spain.

We move on a house

ON THE ROCK moves on a house in the area of the Zeche Waltrop. With a little more space you will find us as well in the beautiful premises of the Richtstrecke 1 from the 20.08.2018. All numbers and contact details remain the same.

Startupnight 2018 - Again organized by ON THE ROCK

Our anticipation is great and it has almost become a tradition. For the fourth time in a row, we are honored to be the organizer of the Startupnight in Berlin again in 2018.

The official result of the Startupnight 2017: 2 days, 4 locations, 5000 visitors, 250 startups, many speakers, exciting companies, well-known supporters.

In September 2017, ON THE ROCK hosted the Startupnight and significantly increased the number of visitors from the previous year. The 250 selected startups presented themselves and inspired the visitors for culture and digital.

The young companies were supported by Deutsche Telekom, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, IHK Berlin, Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB), Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Microsoft Ventures, Volkswagen Financial Services and - of course - the On the Rock agency.

Save the date: 07.09.2018 - Berlin; Official website:

Fischer-Z & Stefanie Heinzmann at the Waltroper Parkfest 2018

Fischer-Z are among the living legends of New Wave and caused a sensation at the end of the 70s with songs like "The Worker" and "So Long". The London band around the charismatic frontman John Watts stood in the spotlight like their contemporaries of The Police and The Stranglers. This year Fischer-Z will return to Germany. And to the Waltroper Parkfest. Here they play the very first Fischer-Z show in Ostvest.

"Popstars" juror Stefanie Heinzmann is not only one of the most successful, but also one of the most extraordinary and rousing singers in the European pop scene. For her tenth anniversary in the big pop circus Heinzmann plays this year at selected festivals and open airs such as the Waltroper Parkfest.

Also included: Miwata, Enyadres, Jan-Christian Zeller, Joel Brandenstein, Greeen, Starbugs, Hayseed Dixies, Ingo Bötchers, Günther Stolarz, Oddlings, Eric & Sam and many more.

Of course you will find our very own ON THE ROCK stage in the park again this year. Hope to see you from 24. - 26.08.2018!
Waltroper Parkfest

Global Carrier Awards 2017 for ICSS

Idea, concept & perfomance from ON THE ROCK for Deutsche Telekom International.

Idea, concept & perfomance from ON THE ROCK for Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) in Chicago a while ago. The wholesale unit of DT walked away with not one, but two coveted awards at the Capacity Global Carrier award ceremony. The wins were for "Best Marketing Campaign Around Industry Events" and "Best Data Service Innovation."

Augmented Climbing Wall with us

Find the first Augmented Climbing Wall exklusively at ON THE ROCK

The first mobile Augmented Climbing Wall is exclusively available to rent at ON THE ROCK. With this unique event module, which is fun for both children and adults, we have a guaranteed attention-grabbing audience magnet. In a playful way, bats can be hunted out of the trees, climbing wall ping-pong can be played or one can shimmy along a path loaded with "electricity". Analogically meets virtually in the real world. Curious?

in action:

Ökoprofit - Save the world

ON THE ROCK is part of the Ökoprofit initiative, a cooperation of municipalities, companies and environmental experts

ON THE ROCK makes it easy. Also for environmental protection. Our activities have an impact on the environment and people - through our mobility, our waste, our energy and water consumption and our consumption of raw materials.

Our main goal is not only to have a few euros less on the electricity/gas or waste disposal calculation, but also to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by our small ABC of ecology.

All actions hardly take strength and effort - you simply need to remember the good will in everyday life. There are important resources that we habitually consume unnecessarily. As long as we can fall back on the corresponding raw materials, it seems to be no problem. Many resources are finite, as we all know.

"Act local, think global" is never just an empty phrase. The appreciation of the existing limited energy resources and our environment must be anchored in us humans, not least because of respect for future generations, but also to fellow human beings, who already suffer much more than we do elsewhere on our planet.

Save the world! Participate!

ExtraSchicht 2017 - Zeche Waltrop

ExtraSchicht 2017 - Bewegte Momente 2.0

This year on the 24th of June, we celebrate the "Night of Industrial Culture" at Zeche Waltrop again! In addition to the beautifully decorated Zeche, there is a varied program and an aftershow party.

Dance performances of the dance network "Up to Dance" ▪ Art exhibition by Edgar Landherr ▪ Segway course ▪ Mobility gadgets by On the Rock ▪ BMX and scootershow ▪ Guided tours through the historical halls of the Zeche Waltrop ▪ Street Food Market by Filetshop Dortmund ▪ Fireworks ▪ Aftershow party with DJ Winni

During the ExtraSchicht, the Manufactum department store has opened until 22:00 and the Lohnhalle is open until 24:00. 

ON THE ROCK foreign aid

The new project website is now online:

The charity "Indienhilfe Waltrop e.V." (Help India) is the legacy of Bernhard Petersmann, recipient of the Federal Service Cross. This initiative has supported the people in the Madhya Pradesh region of India with education and health projects since 1971.

After Bernhard's death on 29th August 2013 the association sought a new beginning. There was a long to do list and a great sense of responsibility to the local people with meeting our running costs our main priority.

Meanwhile, the construction of an infirmary in Mohankot was finished, helping many people with many different diseases. Because of this facility numerous villages in the very rural local area now have access to medicine and primary care. Our ultimate goal is to enable the local people to help themselves in a sustainable way so that they do not have to rely on donations from Germany.

Do It Yourself – made possible by ON THE ROCK

Our CEO, Winni Petersmann, thought "DIY is cool - so why not a Do-It-Yourself Party?" and he set about making this a reality. People come together to work as a team to create and hold their own party - this process being a team building exercise in itself.

Whether roadie, DJ, VJ or caterers, stage designers or interior decorators, the participants adopt new roles, rising to the challenge to apply existing skills to a new endeavor. ON THE ROCK provides the equipment and specialist knowledge as well as organising workshops. We've facilitated several DIY events and we can safely say that this approach works pretty damn well!

ON THE ROCK Worldwide

Amsterdam, Tenerife or Vienna: Holiday destinations for many but work locations for ON THE ROCK. We organize staff incentives, meetings and evening events, taking our bespoke furniture, our retro gaming range and Fogscreen on the road with us. Our next destinations are Athens, Finland and Barcelona but don't worry - we'll never abandon Berlin, Bonn & Waltrop.