Ökoprofit - Save the world

ON THE ROCK is part of the Ökoprofit initiative, a cooperation of municipalities, companies and environmental experts

ON THE ROCK makes it easy. Also for environmental protection. Our activities have an impact on the environment and people - through our mobility, our waste, our energy and water consumption and our consumption of raw materials.

Our main goal is not only to have a few euros less on the electricity/gas or waste disposal calculation, but also to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by our small ABC of ecology.

All actions hardly take strength and effort - you simply need to remember the good will in everyday life. There are important resources that we habitually consume unnecessarily. As long as we can fall back on the corresponding raw materials, it seems to be no problem. Many resources are finite, as we all know.

"Act local, think global" is never just an empty phrase. The appreciation of the existing limited energy resources and our environment must be anchored in us humans, not least because of respect for future generations, but also to fellow human beings, who already suffer much more than we do elsewhere on our planet.

Save the world! Participate!