ON THE ROCK foreign aid

The new project website is now online: http://www.indienhilfe-waltrop.de

The charity "Indienhilfe Waltrop e.V." (Help India) is the legacy of Bernhard Petersmann, recipient of the Federal Service Cross. This initiative has supported the people in the Madhya Pradesh region of India with education and health projects since 1971.

After Bernhard's death on 29th August 2013 the association sought a new beginning. There was a long to do list and a great sense of responsibility to the local people with meeting our running costs our main priority.

Meanwhile, the construction of an infirmary in Mohankot was finished, helping many people with many different diseases. Because of this facility numerous villages in the very rural local area now have access to medicine and primary care. Our ultimate goal is to enable the local people to help themselves in a sustainable way so that they do not have to rely on donations from Germany.