OTR Production

We make it easy!

ON THE ROCK has been making it easy for our clients to hold events for more than 25 years in Germany and around the world, helping businesses, brands and people. 

The most important thing we provide? Peace of mind. Our customers can sit back and relax confident in the knowledge that ON THE ROCK has everything under control. We have our own technology, special equipment, props and a huge collection of resources. With our own Production department under one roof, you got the whole package included.

We are always fast and efficient, whatever the event or time scale for your project might be.

ON THE ROCK Group products

A question of individuality

We make it easy. Individual event concepts require innovative products. Some of the following specials can be requested for events, film, radio or television.

Our strength lies in providing special equipment. Sure, we also have the usual standards on board: various lights, official DJ equipment, sound systems and more . But who has an Augmented Reality Climbing Wall or a FogScreen?

Pop Up Designer furniture made by Flux or Fatboy? We are asked if unusual equipment is needed in unusual places. We transform each location with unbeatable flexibility and speed.

Another one-of-a-kind: Our games lounge with various flippers, modern app-based vs. very old arcade games. Combined with a Virtual Reality Oculus Rift or sporty gadgets such as onewheels or hoverboards, the individual ON THE ROCK solution is complete and its time really a step ahead.

ON THE ROCK has all this and more to bring people into interaction and finds the appropriate technical solution for every event. We are personally there for you, build up and look after you also during the event. But see for yourself.