<p>We make it easy - analog and digital</p>


Our knowledge and know-how for your success

Live communication is storytelling and the creation of strong memorable experiences. When it comes to your brand or your employees, you need a partner who has the understanding for your strategy. Clear, focused messages must be sent outwards and inwards, and implementation must be carefully controlled. A competent view from a distance gives you new perspectives and changes your point of view. As a pioneer in the event sector, we also provide you with the very latest information on the possibilities of digital, virtual and hybrid events or hygiene concepts.

ON THE ROCK makes it easy

In Germany and the world, for companies, brands and people. We create memorable experiences. We often combine future gadgets with classic live communication in events. We are convinced that the future of successful brand communication depends on a personal brand experience. Congresses, trade fairs, public events, festivals, incentives, team building, hygiene concepts or brand activations and promotions. We are happy to be asked to do this, but even if complex project management variants and "top executive projects" are in demand, gladly interdisciplinary - international anyway and of course completely digital, virtual or hybrid, if required. ON THE ROCK has everything on board, but also under the same roof: its own technology, equipment, furnishings, decoration, various event products and innovative gadgets. This ensures that we always stay fast and efficient, even with short-term projects. Just get in touch with us and we will develop an individual concept for you and your company together in an uncomplicated way.

A question of individual technology and products

Individual event strategies require innovative technology and products. Our strength is in providing special equipment. Of course, we also have the usual standards on board: high-quality lighting, official DJ equipment, various sound systems and more. Do you also know an Augmented Climbing Wall, the 3D tool Hyprvsn, the (E-)Scrooser, the Sphery ExerCube or Lü Interactive? Explore and love all this. We also have the complete digital range on board, create the technical requirements for hybrid events, set up a streaming studio and have many more future mobility gadgets. Pop Up designer furniture? We transform any location incredibly flexible and fast.

Innovation to touch and test

Interactive Playground, Future Mobility, AI, VR, technical gadgets and serious applications, currently on the market or still in the beta version. These are the topics OTR LAB deals with. Always up to date with the latest trends, usually playful and sometimes crazy, that's how we look at these subjects. The development of new event formats, whether live, digital, virtual or hybrid, in which our discoveries are included, is a further central focus. Just try it all out and we connect people.