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Our mobile highlight: Retro Gaming in the ON THE ROCK gaming lounge. In the gaming lounge, we offer you a variety of ways to pull your team out of the reserves.

You may already know a few of them: Pac-Man, Galaga or Space-Invaders? In addition to the classics, we also offer modern or smartphone controlled games such as Anki Drive, Sphero Ball or Neuron Race. Or should it be a selection of racing games on the subject of mobility? The elements of our games can be variably aligned to event and purpose. Whether as a team accompanying measure or topic-related - our gaming lounge playfully hits the nerve of the participants.

The pinball machine is the ON THE ROCK classic. Our great selection of pinball machines, which have been exciting for more than 100 years, has always been part of all OTR interactions. Let the electromechanical oldie with its rattling counters of the first generation of pinball games to the current high-tech machines fascinate you. Four of you or individually on the pinball machine, in form of a tournament for the staff as a customer event - there is hardly a better amusement machine to start a casual conversation together.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

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Arcade retro gaming


ON THE ROCK classics part 2. You want Pacman or Astroids? Of course only on the original consoles. Names like Sinclair ZX80, Commodore C64 and Atari 800 stand for the home computers of the first generation. Travel back to the retro era with our Atari and Commodore games and encounter classics like "Pac-Man", "Asteroids" and "Galaga". Do you still know the way through the Pac-Man maze without getting caught? How good were you at "Asteroids" at that time and with which method did you raise your score? Were you rather the UFO hunter or the rock destroyer? Revive your old reflexes, reminisce with colleagues, customers and partners about past game times.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

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VR, AI, 3D


As part of the OTR gaming lounge or flexibly applicable in events: Virtual Reality and Smart Technology are offered in-house at ON THE ROCK and are sometimes one step ahead of the state of things.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

ON THE ROCK Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence 3D Future Gaming Spielelounge

More Games


ON THE ROCK has even more to connect people. The Original Pong or the XXL-Kicker can bring people together. Our regular kickers or the original air hockey too. Teambuilding in an OTR way.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

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