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Interactive Playground, Exergaming, Metaverse, Future Mobility, AI, VR, Augmented Reality, technical gadgets and serious applications, currently on the market or still in the beta version.

This is the OTR LAB. Always up to date with current trends, usually playful and sometimes crazy. The development of new event formats, into which our discoveries can be integrated, is a further central focus. The OTR Trend Scouting finds the newest of the new. Our network of contacts and our worldwide order management allows us, our clients and you to be real "early birds". Just try it all out and we can connect people together.

OTR interactive playground


With ON THE ROCK, the virtual world meets the physical experience. One element of the hybrid OTR strategy is "exergaming" in our "Interactive Playground". An interactive playground consists of physical interaction in immersive virtual worlds. In particular, "exergaming" (computer games that encourage physical movement) is where exercise, sports and fun meet the virtual world at ON THE ROCK. HADO, Lü-Interactive basketball in a virtual hall, fit in the Sphery ExerCube, playful climbing on the Augmented Climbing Wall, all in combination with many other fitness/fun/sports gadgets. Skemmi turns the auditorium into a giant fun and group spectacle. These are just a few examples of our interactive playground, of course gladly combined with our large fund of retro games, arcade and much more to get people interacting. In this way, we actively encourage people to move and lure them out of their shells, supported by a large pool of classic fitness games. We also implement our ideas with playful cognitive movement in schools on the subject of sports.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

Sphery ExerCube


The new interactive playground tool from ON THE ROCK. The Sphery ExerCube is an immersive fitness game setting that combines innovative software and hardware design with state-of-the-art training concepts. When training with the ExerCube, the player is surrounded by three walls that simultaneously serve as a projection surface and haptic interface for energetic body interactions.

Whether as a teambuilding measure, fitness tool parallel to a meeting or as part of our entire immersive OTR Interactive Playground? Contact us, we will find an innovative and effective implementation for you.

The Sphery Racer is the first virtual gaming experience for the ExerCube. The virtual game scenario takes the player on a fast-paced sci-fi race underwater. The player navigates an avatar on a hoverboard, races along a track and passes various motor-cognitively challenging obstacles. To ensure a maximally engaging and effective training experience for everyone, the difficulty and complexity of the game are continuously adjusted to the player's individual fitness and cognitive abilities during the ExerCube session. The game can be played in single player mode or as cooperative or competitive multiplayer in a shared and different ExerCubes. ON THE ROCK makes it easy, gladly for you too?

More info here:

Sphery ExerCube

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

HADO Gaming


HADO Augmented Reality (AR) Sport - Brand new at ON THE ROCK

We are more than happy to have HADO Gaming, an augmented sports tool, in our house. Physical interaction meets the virtual world in a new and unique way. HADO is therefore another module in the hybrid OTR strategy of "exergaming" (computer games that invite physical movement). In a broader sense, the game is reminiscent of classic dodgeball, only linked to the virtual world. Players put on VR goggles, strap on wristband sensors, and energy balls and shields appear on a real playing field as if by magic. We promise you a lot of fun and as a special bonus here - you stay fit while playing, do sports and at the same time have an ultra-modern teambuilding measure.  

HADO is a team sport played with up to three people per team. Each game lasts 80 seconds. The team with the most points wins. If a game ends in a tie, the teams compete in overtime. The team that scores first wins.

Official Hado Site: HADO


Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

Lü Interactive


Lü is an interactive sports and fun tool that combines virtual gameplay with physical motion. A sophisticated construction consisting of a high-performance projector, screen and camera technology, including motion detection, allows, for example, a virtual sports hall to be projected into the room, in which analog games can be played. The movements of the players are in turn integrated directly into the game. For example, (group) throwing games with a ball are also possible in extraordinary virtual worlds.

With the Lü Interactive Playgrounds, ON THE ROCK manages the balancing act between sports education, health and a gaming tool. Lü can be used by us in schools for physical education, but can also be integrated in business meetings. Common to all fields of application is the fun of playing and moving.

Play with or against each other. Cameras record the activities of the players and interactively implement them in the game on the screen. Future gaming of the future or just a nice change for all kinds of occasions.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

A lot of fun and a group attraction. Play with or against each other on a large screen. Cameras record the activities of the audience and interactively transfer them to the screen. Future Gaming or just a nice break for all kinds of occasions.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

Augmented Climbing Wall


The first mobile Augmented Climbing Wall: only at ON THE ROCK! Are you looking for a really new and unique event module? Do you need something that is fun for both children and adults? And you want a guaranteed attention-grabbing crowd-puller? Then the first mobile "augmented" climbing wall is the right choice for you. No matter whether you playfully chase bats out of the trees, are not allowed to leave a path charged with "electricity" or play the legendary ping-pong game on the wall. Your guests and visitors will be fascinated.

Contact: Jan Moerchen | F +49.2309.78425-10

OTR Metaverse


Some time ago, together with rooom AG & E.ON, we implemented this beautiful "Metaverse Project". As part of the hybrid ON THE ROCK strategy, the "E.ON Republic Of Innovators" realises virtual worlds & physical interactions immersively. In the spirit of sustainability, ON THE ROCK designs virtual events or meetings where the exchange of information and activities is possible via personalised avatars.

In times of pandemic, we have noticed that interactions in the metaverse are getting closer and closer to real meetings. In newer projects with, for example, the inclusion of NFTs, improved graphics and more playful elements, there is little limit to technical development. Of course, none of this replaces real meetings and we are happy to be on the road again with lots of live interactions and getting to meet people, but it allows anyone interested who cannot attend a meeting, for instance, another individual networking opportunity and it also reduces the need for some business travel.

Contact: Winni Petersmann | F +49.2309.78425-10



E-Mobility is the buzzword for a newly organized mobility in Germany. The topic affects the big players such as the car industry, many start-ups and above all every single person who needs to get from A to B comfortably and flexibly within their radius of movement. This is a positive trend that represents a sustainable change towards a modern, environmentally conscious society, perhaps like no other topic. 

At ON THE ROCK you will find an impressive arsenal of E-Mobility Tools & Gadgets. In addition to the standards there are also various special models. Have a look and get in touch with us. Move on - to the future - sustainable!

Contact: Marcel Konings | F +49.2309.78425-10

With the Hypervsn of ON THE ROCK breath-taking 3D-visuals, videos, logos or free of objects float in space - the module for advertising and presentations of the future. Available as a single module or as a multi 3D hologram exclusively and individually custom-tailored by ON THE ROCK.

Contact: Diana Veiksa | F +49.2309.78425-10

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