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The ON THE ROCK Challenges & Specials. Our OTR Trend Scouting will find the latest of the latest and with our challenge tools a fun competition is guaranteed.

Water Parcour


The ON THE ROCK pool fun. Not only for children (also of course) a lot of fun. But for challenges it can also be used as a sporty tool. The Olympic champions had a good time at the last Club der Besten.

Contact: Marcel Konings | F +49.2309.78425-10

Very practical and even for use in swimming pools: The Go Boats.

Contact: Marcel Konings | F +49.2309.78425-10

ON THE ROCK Go Boats Gadgets


Mini BMX

ON THE ROCK Mini BMX Gadgets Future Mobility

Silent Disco


Three DJs, charts, house and drum & bass simultaneously and one dance floor? Then it's probably a silent party. Not only at renowned festivals or with volume requirements the concept is the hottest thing and works as brilliantly as simply. Each dancer is equipped with special headphones and hears the music either as a shared experience from one DJ or via channel selection when several DJs are at work. ON THE ROCK has the entire program available. A lot of official headphones, the technical setup and if necessary the DJs.

Contact: Marcel Konings | F +49.2309.78425-10

ON THE ROCK Silent Disco Party Headphones

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