Live Kommunikation

Wir bringen Menschen in Interaktion

Live Kommunikation - seit über 25 Jahren mit ON THE ROCK

Dabei entwickelt ON THE ROCK individuelle neue Formate und verknüpft digitale Welten mit analoger klassischer Live-Kommunikation. Konzeption, Inszenierungen, Umsetzung – Unsere Ideen sind innovativ, niemals gewöhnlich aber immer umsetzungsorientiert.



ON THE ROCK is quite different. Our event marketing creates a direct and emotional contact between company, event and target group. We always have an innovative solution for you. Of course we have the necessary tools for the realisation. At the same time, we ensure that the entire marketing concept is completely coordinated with you and the audience of the event.

ON THE ROCK Startupnight Berlin

Corporate Events


Sustainability directly into the minds of the target group: Thanks to ON THE ROCK, brand and company messages are delivered to the appropriate people. We never play a routine program. Of course, certain things have always proved successful and we always have a special ace up our sleeve, but we come up with something individual for each product/customer and every message. We are also happy to come up with something completely new but - we promise you - always something very special. Of course accompanied by special social media campaigns.

ON THE ROCK Corporate TMTM Sport



Individual, professional and with the corresponding know-how: With our experience and our network we organize promotions and creatively showcase products - with pleasure at different locations in parallel - worldwide - in the www and via social media.

ON THE ROCK Events Waltrop Parkfest

Public Events


The right sound with the right light in the perfect atmosphere: ON THE ROCK has the necessary instinct for public events. And offers you consulting, concept, implementation, technology, guest management and equipment from a single source. For perfectly matched costs and moving ideas. Any examples? Startupnight Berlin (over 5.000 Pax), Juicy Beats Festival Dortmund (35.000 Pax) Waltroper Parkfest (100.000 Pax), ESC Aftershow Party Düsseldorf (3.000 Pax), Minto Opening Mönchengladbach (1.200 VIPs), Long Night of Industrial Culture (160.000 Pax) and many more.

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