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Of course, Classic Gaming at OTR also means playing with the originals, as they were found en masse in arcades 30 or almost 40 years ago, all over the world.

Machines such as "Pong" and "Pac-Man", "Donkey Kong" and "Defender", "Missile Command" and "Galaga" have returned their purchase price many times over within weeks. There is even a persistent rumor that "Space Invaders", after its release on the Japanese market, caused the required coin to be temporarily unavailable. Of course this can't happen in our OTR Game Zone - you have free play!

Atari & Commodore Games

Cult video games on the home computer

Travel back in time with our Atari & Commodore games! How did it start for you? Which computer was your start into the digital age? On which home computer did you take your first steps through the fascinating world of video games? It's quite possible that you will meet your newcomer in our games lounge - and try out whether you still have the skills.

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Hydro Thunder

Speedboat deluxe

The super speedboat race is arcade simulation at its best! Every race is a unique experience, as you can choose between 13 speedboats, eleven tracks and different water conditions. Find the hidden track sections that will take you to the top of the field. Compete against the computer or connect up to four units for spectacular head-to-head racing fun!

ON THE ROCK Arcade Retro Gaming Spielelounge

Pac Man

Classics classic

Do you still know the names of the four ghosts that are blocking your way through the Pac-Maze? Do you remember which of the enemies had which characteristics? "Pac-Man" is back, in exactly the same colourful design as the original from 1980. Run away from the ghosts and collect the little yellow Pac-Points while you navigate Pac-Man through the maze. And use the four large Powerballs to become a hunter yourself and in the best case scenario, catch all four ghosts. The reward is a whopping 3,000 points. Pac-Man with original gameplay, artwork and joystick configuration.

ON THE ROCK Arcade Retro Gaming Spielelounge

Space Invaders

One of the most successful games of all time

One of the most successful video games of all time is back - and of course part of our games lounge. One hand on the joystick, one finger on the fire button, and you're ready to fight the aliens. Five rows of eleven invader ships each are getting closer and closer to Earth. They are getting faster and faster and the pulse-like sound is like a threat above the scenario. Once the enemy block has reached the edge of the screen, the enemies move down one row. So proceed tactically correct and take aim at the enemies in the vertical row.

ON THE ROCK Arcade Retro Gaming Spielelounge

Street Fighter

Ready to rumble

Ready to fight? The two-player joystick/button configuration brings back the arcade experience of the Street Fighter ll Champion Edition. "Street Fighter ll Champion Edition" is a blend of combat, skill and strategy. The combination of an 8-way joystick and a total of six control buttons makes Street Fighter an extremely sophisticated video game. Three "Punch" and three "Kick" buttons in combination with the joystick provide multiple punch and kick combinations - an absolute challenge.

ON THE ROCK Arcade Retro Gaming Spielelounge

Dancing Stage Euromix

Let´s dance

Now we're getting some action. OTR-Gaming also provides additional fitness. Swing your dance leg on the Dancing Stage. "Dancing Stage Euromix 2" from 2002 continues the successful series of the Dancing Stage series. The player has the task to "dance" a given sequence on special pads while staying in time with the music. Sounds like a great challenge, but the cult machine also makes it easy for the player. A variety of different levels from easy to hard makes even beginners quickly become good amateurs. Besides: Dancing connects and is more fun when you're together. So let's get up on stage and start rocking.

ON THE ROCK Arcade Retro Gaming Spielelounge

Rave Racer

Pure adrenalin

The double driving simulator from the 90s is still one of the best racing machines in the Arcades. "Rave Racer" gives you the choice between eight racers, four race tracks and a view of the track from two perspectives. You can choose from twelve sounds to accompany the racing action. The steering works with counter-pressure for a realistic driving experience, and two 28-inch monitors with razor-sharp graphics virtually draw the player into the action. Clearly, the Rave Racer is one of the highlights in the OTR gaming lounge.

ON THE ROCK Arcade Retro Gaming Spielelounge

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